Monday, June 18, 2012

Here We Go...AGAIN!!

Two posts in one day...this blog just got SERIOUS!

I don't have any followers yet, but I'm crossing my fingers that I may have one (or five) by the morning. It took me a few days to sell a product on TpT (aka-A Teacher's Best Friend) and when I finally did, I completely freaked out in my living room! It was a great feeling to sell a product and make a whoppin' 30 cents!!! So far I'm up to $1.20 and saving every penny. I think I will have a similar reaction when I get my first follower...or my first comment.

So here comes the bribery technique...I just put a new item up for sale on TpT. It is an awesome set of community helper cooperative group work cards and posters that will undoubtedly make your classroom management a piece of cake during group work time! I can even suggest that you number the cards to indicate the order students go in so you don't have the "He/she always goes first..." issue. I will give the first five people who comment with their favorite group work strategy a free set! Who doesn't love FREE stuff!?!

Here is a preview of what you can win, just follow me and comment with your e-mail address and favorite group work strategy:

I use the "KISSES" guidelines to award a golden group for outstanding group work. We always review these rules before beginning a group task and the group who best follows them is awarded a trophy on their table for the day as well as a special treat! The kids go wild for this and I always add that the golden group includes listening while others are presenting.

Thanks for visiting Mrs. Clark's Fabulous First Grade! Stay tuned....


  1. HI CALLI! OK, so you know me already but I still wanted to stop in, say hello and browse a bit!! Awesome blog!! I love it! I have a personal blog that I started but it was a bit time comsuming with little ones so I update every once in a while now :) Love the free downloads!! Hmmmm favorite group strategy. Well I like hole punch cards for staying on task and completing work. They get so many punches and they get to get in the prize box. I also like the penny system where each member of the group gets pennies that the team saves in a cup at their tables to be used to purchase items. Hope you are enjoying your summer! I am going to follow your blog!! :D

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Tammy! I really appreciate it! I will have to check out your family blog, you always do such cute things with your kiddos!

    I love the idea of giving the kids pennies to save. I try to incorporate as much "real world" application as I can and that sounds like a great way to teach a ton of valuable lessons!

    Thanks again for following!