Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Same Blog...A New Day!

Well, my first day of blogging was successful, but a bit discouraging. I will admit that I checked in way too many times to see if had any new followers or feedback. Thanks to Heather at "Heather's Heart", I have my first follower and comment! What a great feeling. Check out Heather's blog if you have a chance! I can't wait to explore it more myself!

Heather will be enjoying some cooperative group work cards and posters that I have created to make your life easier as a teacher! These cards and posters can be used at any grade level! Follow me and comment on my blog to snag your free set...only four left!

(Or better yet, follow me and comment to get it FREE!)

In celebration of my first follower I would like to provide a FREEBIE (because isn't any excuse a good excuse to give something away)!! Last week I made a version of the Erica Bohrer's  "Birthday" poster that everyone has seen on Pinterest. I am back and forth between school and home right now, so I don't have my poster on hand to post a picture, but here is Erica's adorable inspiration:

So cute!! I made my own month labels and you can find them here (click the picture for download):

I have asked Nikki at MelonHeadz Illustrating to create a series of illustrations to go with my "Handy Helper" job descriptions for the jobs I have in my classroom. I really think these could use some sprucing up and Nikki's illustrations are just what they need. Seriously, she is AMAZING! I can't wait to see how they turn out! Stay tuned for that update!

Well, I'm off to get caught up on some episodes of the fourth season of "Breaking Bad" with Mr. Clark before the fifth season comes out in July. I will leave with one more free download and hope that you will leave me some feedback if you snag it! 

Who's Out Sign to Hang Above Dry Erase Board for 
Students to Sign when Leaving the Room

Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Here We Go...AGAIN!!

Two posts in one day...this blog just got SERIOUS!

I don't have any followers yet, but I'm crossing my fingers that I may have one (or five) by the morning. It took me a few days to sell a product on TpT (aka-A Teacher's Best Friend) and when I finally did, I completely freaked out in my living room! It was a great feeling to sell a product and make a whoppin' 30 cents!!! So far I'm up to $1.20 and saving every penny. I think I will have a similar reaction when I get my first follower...or my first comment.

So here comes the bribery technique...I just put a new item up for sale on TpT. It is an awesome set of community helper cooperative group work cards and posters that will undoubtedly make your classroom management a piece of cake during group work time! I can even suggest that you number the cards to indicate the order students go in so you don't have the "He/she always goes first..." issue. I will give the first five people who comment with their favorite group work strategy a free set! Who doesn't love FREE stuff!?!

Here is a preview of what you can win, just follow me and comment with your e-mail address and favorite group work strategy:

I use the "KISSES" guidelines to award a golden group for outstanding group work. We always review these rules before beginning a group task and the group who best follows them is awarded a trophy on their table for the day as well as a special treat! The kids go wild for this and I always add that the golden group includes listening while others are presenting.

Thanks for visiting Mrs. Clark's Fabulous First Grade! Stay tuned....

Here We Go!

Well, after hours spent on other talented teachers' blogs, I have decided to take the plunge and start my own blogging adventure. The main reason is because I have been creating several things for my classroom and would like to share these. I also need a place to organize everything and I think this may be the perfect way to start!

I have started reading the Daily 5 book by The Sisters, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. It is awesome! I have seen the Daily 5 all over Pinterest and blogs so I decided to see what all of the fuss was about. After reading and taking notes over half the book over the past day, I am sold and ready to put this literacy framework into action at the beginning of next year! I have also purchased The Sisters' other book "The Reading CAFE" and can't wait to get started on that one! As a result of my discovery of the Daily 5, I have been busy making signs for students to place clothespins on to identify their choice for the day (I will post a picture when these are finished) as well as some labels for Book Boxes, in which students will keep 5-7 "Good Fit" books, a Daily 5 folder (for self reflection) and their writing journal (for "Work on Writing" time). I have struggled in the past with small group literacy instruction, but it is something that I have thought about every day of my teaching career! I really think the Daily 5 and Reading CAFE will be the answer I have been searching for. I can't wait to get started!

(click each book to go to the official website)

Here are some cute Book Box labels, along with my "First Grade is a HOOT" tags that I plan to attach to a bag of trail mix (NO NUTS!!) for an Open House gift to my students. I will post a picture of the finished project later! :)

I am planning to do an owl theme in my classroom this year. I am really excited about "Owl the Possibilities!" I made some cute little owl tags to hang outside my room that I am planning to put pictures of my students on. These can be used for anything (name tags, cubbie labels, supply labels, etc.) Enjoy!

Ok, one more! I am going to start a "Password" system in my room this year. Each day, a different sight word will be written on the poster and displayed by the door. If a student needs to go to the restroom during class, get a drink of water, etc. he/she will need to read the password first. I had thought about doing this last year and after seeing some "Password" creations on Pinterest, I decided to create my own. Here ya go!

I guess that is all for now. I would love some feedback if you download any of the items I have posted! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned....